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Texas is a destination that will steal your heart away time and time again, you have no choice but to surrender yourself completely to the spectacularly diverse landscapes and immersive experiences that can be enjoyed throughout this beautiful state.

The ‘Lone Star State’ is the largest in the USA mainland offering exciting cities, stunning Hill Country, flower filled prairies and plains and an abundance of beaches and endless summer sunshine. Texas is the perfect place to tour and is primed for exploration of all kinds.

If you are an independent traveller, a car and a sense of adventure with a route in mind so you don’t miss a thing is a great way to find your Texas. Why not try the group experience with an escorted coach tour and experienced tour leader to show you the way? Or a quick city-break, beach break or an easy hop between cities on an internal flight will ensure that you see the best of all that Texas has to offer.

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Texas is made up of a beautifully intricate tapestry of cities, small towns, beaches, canyons, hills, plains, woodlands, lakes, rivers and endless acres of memorable scenery throughout. Away from the well-known cities which are all amazing in their own special way, you can unearth a range of different places and adventures to suit.

Texas is home to over 300 miles of coastline along the Texas Gulf Coast, enjoy the feeling of warm white sand between your toes, the warm breeze on your skin and the waters of the Gulf of Mexico lapping at the shoreline. Here you will find the perfect blend of fun seaside towns and cities with family attractions, to those areas synonymous with birding enthusiasts and wildlife. Enjoy a traditional beachside break with outdoor waterfront dining options, water sports, fishing, boating, and endless sandy beaches and hours of sunshine or get back to nature and spot pods of dolphins cruising along the coastline, visit the Sea Turtle rehabilitation centre in South Padre Island or at the right time of year you could be witness to the spectacular and sought after viewing of whooping cranes as they migrate through Port Aransas for a limited time.

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